Interstate Custody Disputes

Are you interested in relocating after your divorce or child custody plan? In most cases before you can move, you must get permission from the court. In an area of Texas law that is still growing, there are a lot of questions about relocations, both within Texas and to other states. Make sure you have the right lawyer to help you through the process.

We are dedicated to helping all Texas families find solutions to their unique situations. Whether you are interested in moving because of a new marriage, new job or other reason, it is our job to help you find a way to do it, while making sure the rights of your children are considered throughout.

Conflict Resolution Without the Conflict

Since the laws regarding parental relocation are still being written, these cases are very challenging. The results are very case-specific and there are many circumstances where a parent’s request to relocate will be granted.

Whether you are requesting a child relocation or hoping to prevent one, you need a lawyer to walk you through the entire process. We will take a close look at your situation, help you avoid any rash decisions and come up with long-term decisions that work for your family.


As families grow and change, relocation often comes up as a possibility for one parent. From our office in Houston, we are ready to help you evaluate your concerns and come up with a solution that works for you, your kids and the Texas courts. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.