Child Custody and Visitation

Visitation and Parenting Plans

Whether you are going through a divorce or you are an unmarried parent, the parenting plan you come up with will impact your relationship with your children for years to come. It is important to work with a lawyer who can help you understand your full range of rights and options, so you can find solutions that work for you and your family.

We are dedicated to helping Texas families through their most difficult challenges. We have seen firsthand the results of successful child custody and visitation plans, which is why we do everything we can to help you turn your custody dispute into a custody solution.

Conflict Resolution Without the Conflict

We encourage all of our clients to pursue mediation for their child custody and visitation concerns. If you take your dispute to court, you will turn over control of your case and be subject to the judge’s ruling. However, if you are willing to work with your former spouse or co-parent, you can address your specific concerns and work together to reach a plan tailor made for your situation that puts your children first and protects your parental rights.

We will work with you through every step of the process, making sure your rights are protected. If mediation is not right for you, we will protect your rights in court for the following concerns:

  • Child custody: We will help you understand your rights and options regarding both legal custody and physical custody. Keeping you focused on what is best for your kids, we will make sure your parental rights are protected.
  • Visitation: Coming up with a child custody plan is just the first step. Developing a visitation plan that allows your kids time with both parents is equally important to the courts.

There are a lot of concerns that go hand-in-hand with child custody matters. Whether you are interested in relocating or you want the courts to help you enforce your current order, we can help you and your family.


The decisions you make today could impact your family for years to come, so make sure you take the time to do what is best for your kids. From our offices in River Oaks, we help families across the greater Houston area. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation and learn more.